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Evan is running for the Florida State House to be our champion for affordability in Tallahassee.

Right now, our diverse community of north Miami-Dade and south Broward is rebuilding after one of the toughest years of our lives. But our dreams are on pause for those in Tallahassee who’d rather pursue power than care about our rights or our future.

Together, we’re building a movement for justice to invest in our kids, our homes, healthcare, our small businesses and our livelihoods.  The time is now, because #OurDreamCantWait.

Evan is a business leader, educator and activist starting a family in our district.

As one of the youngest executives of color in the country, Evan has helped invest nearly $4.0 billion in affordable housing, solar, infrastructure and medical technology across Florida and the United States. His work has helped house more than 22,000 low-income seniors and families, secure a clean energy future for thousands of businesses, and invest in the innovative healthcare solutions we need.

A proud third-generation teacher and union member in low-income schools, Evan became a Democratic organizer to empower communities to invest in their own dreams.  He has the diverse experience, courage and vision to fight for our community in the Florida State House, at a time when we need leadership the most.

Our Priorities

Investing in our Climate Resiliency

We need to preserve our precious natural resources, invest in our infrastructure, and lower our home & flood insurance premiums. Evan has the direct renewable energy and infrastructure development experience to help make these priorities a reality in Tallahassee.

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Improving Healthcare Access

No one in our community or our state should have to choose between getting the healthcare they need and putting food on the table. Evan has the unique experience and spirit to fight for accessible and affordable healthcare access for all Floridians.

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Fighting for Educational Opportunity

As the only candidate with public school teaching experience in this race, Evan knows what it takes to prioritize our students and their education. Our livelihood, our economy, and our future depends on our investment in our kids, the next generation.

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This is more than just a campaign.
Together, we’re building a movement to ensure our dreams resonate in Tallahassee’s vision. Make a grassroots contribution and invest in our movement today.